Choice USA Hiring Field Director

Choice USA Hiring Field Director

Are you a champion of sexual and reproductive justice? Is freedom of choice one of your key issues? Do you want to help stop the government from placing laws on women’s bodies—and to help make sure every young person has access to accurate information about sex? If so, you might want to apply to become the next Choice USA Field Director.

As the Choice USA Field Director, you will be responsible for organizing important campaigns, planning training operations, managing budgets and staff, and serving as a representative of Choice USA in your everyday life. Applicants should have experience in campaign organizing, as well as ample creativity and a fierce dedication to reproductive and sexual justice.

Job responsibilities are vast and wide for this fulfilling and meaningful position. Here are just some of the amazing things you’ll be doing:

  • Training new activists and staff, and helping them funnel their passion into action
  • Creating training curriculum materials that harness the energy and justice of the freedom of choice movement
  • Attending intellectually stimulating conferences and other events with like-minded individuals who share your enthusiasm for women’s and youth rights
  • Creating exciting alliances and partnerships with similar organizations and working together to promote reproductive justice

This is a perfect position for energetic advocates who want to make a real difference in the world while still making a living—what could be better? Organizers make things happen in this world, and this is your opportunity to really promote and secure women’s rights, sex education, and freedom of choice for America’s future. Do these things sound like something you’d like to do on a daily basis? If so, be sure you meet the following qualifications before applying:

  • 3+ years of organizing experience
  • Bachelor’s degree in a field relevant to this position
  • Awesome leadership skills—you’ll be training a team of passionate activists
  • Experience in working with diverse communities and people from different backgrounds
  • Great communication and interpersonal skills to maintain positive, healthy relationships among staff
  • Ability to drive and travel
  • A sense of humor!
  • Good judgment, flexibility, creativity, and strategizing skills
  • Experience with technology use in campaigning

To apply, or to get more information, click here. Applications are due Monday, September 6, so be sure to apply soon. Remember, a writing sample, references, cover letter, and resume are all needed to apply.