Young Feminist Leadership Conference

Young Feminist Leadership Conference

This spring, the seventh annual Young Feminist Leadership Conference will take place in Washington, DC. Held from March 12 through 14 at The George Washington University, the conference will be sponsored by the Feminist Majority Foundation. This conference is a perfect opportunity for young feminists to network, share and develop skills, and delve into the issues facing women of the world today.

Whether you’re a young professional, an activist, a community organizer, or in college, this conference is sure to be helpful in furthering your education and helping you to become the feminist leader that you dream of being. Who knows—you may even connect with your future employer or colleagues who can point you in the right direction. The skills you are bound to acquire from the conference will undoubtedly serve you well in both your career and your activism as a young feminist.

The agenda for the conference already includes several important key issues for women around the globe. Reproductive rights, both domestic and worldwide, will certainly be a focus. Violence against women, a travesty in our modern age including rape, domestic violence, genital mutilation, female infanticide, sexual violence as a weapon, human trafficking, and so many more issues, will also be discussed. Young feminists will get a chance to explore civic engagement and organizing. The scary use of clinic violence in our culture will be covered as well. Environmental issues are another topic expected to be discussed. Many more are to be added as the conference date gets closer. Depending on the outcome of the election this fall, there may even be more issues on the table to discuss and create plans to combat.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the conference will take place at the end of the gathering. After two full days of exploring these issues, developing concrete skills that can be used in organizing, politics, and so many other areas, and training to become leaders in the feminist movement, attendees will have the opportunity to attend Congressional Visit Day, during which they will personally deliver their messages to members of Congress.

It’s sure to be a spectacular conference that will inspire and ignite change. While details have yet to be posted on the web, they are set to be announced at Feminist Campus—so be sure to bookmark the site and check back as springtime approaches. Attendees interested in more information can contact campus organizers at 1-866-444-3652 (East Coast) and 1-866-471-3652 (West Coast).