October 2011

How to Write a Cover Letter

Preparing to write a cover letter can be difficult to start however with these helpful tips to guide a prospective employee to finding the right job.  To impress future employers it's important to know what they are looking for in a possible employee.  Here are several tips:

·         Read the job advertisement in its entirety.

·         Learn more about the company through taking the time out to research and understand their mission statement. 

·         Network and call the people who work with the company to find out more about the job.

Economy Still Fragile

But Slowly on the Uprise


The White House released on Thursday that the latest GDP (Gross Domestic Product) numbers are encouraging but acknowledged that faster growth is needed to replace the jobs that have been lost in the recent economic downturn and to reduce long-term unemployment.

Free Your Inner Freelancer

Grabbing a Fre Gigs in the Rough Econony


Since the economy almost hit rock bottom not too long ago, it hasn’t necessarily been climbing up by any means. If you’ve been spending your time applying to jobs and still have yet to find one that actually comes through, then it might be time to turn to picking up some gigs so you can have some extra income while the job search continues.

To be a “freelancer” means to be self-employed and not committed to one particular employer long-term. Usually freelancing requires some skill but usually can be picked up if you have an interest or some background in the field. There are different opportunities available in different fields. Usually the main areas for freelance involve arts and music, event planning, tourism, journalism and computer programming.