November 2011

Best Part-Time Jobs with Benefits

Sometimes, circumstances require that someone isn’t able to have a full-time job and one of the main concerns that comes with not being able to work the standard 40 hours a week is losing benefits. There are however some part-time jobs that allow you to have a benefits package with some requirements for eligibility. The top part-time jobs to have in DC are:

Whole Foods Market

Anywhere you walk in DC, it’s hard not to at one point pass a Whole Foods Market considering that worldwide they have just opened 14 new stores. They offer a laundry list of benefits to full-time as well as part-time employees, which includes: health, dental and vision plans after 300 service house as well as a 401(k) retirement plan, paid time off, and a 20% store discount.

Founding Farmers Opened in the Potomac


Dan Simons and Mike Vucurevuch were the principals of a hospitality services firm Vucurevich Simons Advisory Group; little did these two consultants know that they would become restaurant owners later in life.

For years, they managed Founding Farmers in Foggy Bottom for a group of North Dakota farmers and now they’re hitting the Potomac and just opened a new one on November 3rd. The two consultants stated that they wanted the farmers to be partners rather than just working for them.

How to Complete Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a great job resource for many prospective employees and employers who are looking to recruit possible candidates for employment. It's easy for job seekers to search LinkedIn to find plenty of contacts who have the potential to help your career grow and/or find a new job. LinkedIn allows for users to connect with those in their network and your profile allows for this to occur.  Your profile is the key to building your own professional brands and increasing overall visibility online as this is a wonderful way to create good employment references.

·         Create a detailed profile on LinkedIn and be sure to include all of your employment history such as current and past history, education, career industry and any web sites you own that would fit in your professional brand such as professional portfolio website.

·         Add on a photo such a small headshot photo to your LinkedIn profile.  Avoid using a casual photo and instead use a professional headshot.

Occupy DC

Take Down the Rich


While the economic system still remains relatively unstable, some people are still suffering. Occupy DC is a grassroots movement empowering the 99% to have a say in returning the country to a just political and economic system. This movement contains a number of different people from citizens, professionals, students, activists, parents, unemployed workers, teachers, professors, voters and anyone else who feels underrepresented.

Washington D.C.

One of the Best Places for a Job


Washington D.C. might be one of the only places where you can find smart people with smart ideas. Washington D.C. is one of the cities where there is out-of the-box thinking – new ideas tend to always generate new businesses. Considering that Washington D.C. is one of the places where governments, universities and business communities come together, it creates great economic vitality and growth leading to endless opportunities.

Washington D.C. boasts of a low unemployment rate (6.7%), which is highly believable considering that the White House and the Capitol are both located there. Washington D.C. is chock full of opportunities considering that eleven out of the 25 richest counties in the U.S. are located in this region.